Rosie’s #BookReview team #RBRT THE SAPPHIRE LEGEND Book #2 by @ELTenenbaum #Fantasy

Rosie Amber

Today’s team review is from Suraya, find her at

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Suraya has been reading The Sapphire Legend by E.L. Tenenbaum


Sapphire II

By E L Tenebaum

The reader escapes to another world constructed by E L Tenebaum’s imagination.

I enjoyed the first book and was happy to read the second. In this story I joined Sapere’s tribe as they realised they had to move to greater safety than the Wild afforded them. They sense an impending attack by the Pliz and begin the daunting journey to find a safer place. They discover the Great Blue Waters and this is like a miracle, as they have never seen water like this before.

When they leave the Wild, a like-minded village takes her tribe in and hosts them. There is never any talk of assimilation and over time, Sapere discovers cultural differences that shock her. She has always known an egalitarian society…

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