The Chatterre Trilogy

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Kazza’s Chatterr Trilogy is a page-turning family-friendly mix of scifi and fantasy set in the midst of clashing cultures. AND all three novels are free on Kindleunlimited.


Star Bridge begins when Colonel Larwin Atano’s star-fighter crashes. He survives and views Chatterre’s resources as a way to gain power and prestige on his home-world, Guerreterre. However, Nimri, an herbal healer, must protect her tribe and planet. You can read Star Bridge’s chapter one here.


The saga continues in Thunder Moon, when Thunder Cartwright dreams that madrox (cosmic dragons) will invade Chattere and destroy it, so he sets out to close the Star Bridge. Meanwhile, Raine, a Kalamaran Dragon Shepard, must catch a rogue madrox and return it to the herd… if she fails, she will be executed. You can read Thunder Moon’sfirst chapter here.


The trilogy concludes with Fire Island when Larwin’s sister, Tem-aki Atano falls…

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