Don’t read this #Bookreview~Hour of Mischief: 5-star #SciFi #YA terrific

Barb Taub

Tricksters, snarky heroines, steampunk, and goddesses—what’s not to love?

I’ve just received a questionnaire (yes, Rosie—I really am working on it!) asking about my preferences in book reviewing. Of course, I could start a list:

  • snarky heroines, tricksters, and other strong well-rounded characters (especially female) who change and grow over the events of the book
  • fantasy (especially urban fantasy and/or steampunk!!!)
  • trope homage and/or breakers: creative, unexpected settings and plot
  • romantic theme (but not necessarily a HEA)
  • humor
  • and all the other stuff that I don’t know I like until I like it…

Or I could just tell you to read Amy Hyndman’s incredible first novel, Hour of Mischief. So if your book-loving list looks like mine, don’t waste time reading this review. Stop messing around, and just get your own copy of Hour of Mischief. Then let me know when you’ve read it, because I’m dying to talk…

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