Upcoming Book Release: Clairvoyance Chronicles Volume One (November 2015)

Natacha Guyot

I am happy to announce the upcoming release of my first work of fiction in English. On November 9, 2015, Clairvoyance Chronicles Volume One will be available on Kindle on all Amazon websites, and hopefully on paperback as well. As I type this, I am waiting for the proof copy to arrive.

Book Cover by Jennifer A. Miller. Book Cover by Jennifer A. Miller.

Clairvoyance Chronicles is the first volume in a Fantasy/Paranormal series, that will all be published as collections of short stories. It tells the stories of Fae, Weres, Shape Shifters, and other special beings.

This is the official book blurb:

Old enemies never truly disappear. When they return, peace becomes fragile and clans are on the brink of destruction.

Were Saber-toothed Cat Neyla relives her real-life nightmares upon Keno’s reappearance. Her longtime nemesis is scheming to overthrow the supernatural society. With Keno’s followers growing each day, Fae, Weres, Shifters and others with special…

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