John Wilkinson ‘Aftermath’ Review

love post-apocalyptic, one to look out for 🙂

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Wesley Thomas

This was a truly superb book in my opinion. It had everything you could want from a post-apocalyptic novel, and then some! But John brought realness to the table in this fiction. There are elements of the supernatural, but it was the interactions and actions of humans that made this tale truly riveting and an epic page turner.

We have Nathan, the protagonist, alive in a world that is bordering on extinction during the apocalypse. On his journey he keeps diaries as a form of keeping track of progress. Therein lies out entertainment. These entries are written very realistically. It’s as though a member of your family, or a friend could have written this diary. It details his trek in search of fellow survivors. But on this voyage he discovers conspiracies, hidden agendas, and how the true nature of people comes out when civilization breaks down…

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