The Hounds of Alazoth from The Magical Muse


The Magical Muse Book

A Look inside The Magical Muse – a Collection of Fantasy Stories published by Dragon Knight Chronicles:

The Hounds of Alazoth

By: Allison D. Reid

The Master raised his staff, leading his pack into the thick of the wood where the waning light had formed great pools of shadow. The darkness brought them into full wakefulness, sharpening their instincts and giving them clarity of sight. His nose to the ground, the Hound picked up the men’s scent. He let out a glorious howl that was sure to chill their souls if they could hear it. The pack rushed forward, excited by the smell of prey, their tongues salivating at the memory of previous kills…the taste of flesh, the aroma of fear, the shrieks of pain. They were shrieks of victory that Aviad could hear.

Far ahead, there was a flash of movement in the trees. There were three men, all wearing…

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