Forgotten Girl Author Naomi Jacobs Opens Up About Her Surreal Experience with Abby Sheaffer

Chicago Literati

Imagine going to bed and waking up 17 years into the future. For Forgotten Girl author Naomi Jacobs, that actually happened. Are you intrigued? Read our interview. Forgotten Girl is out now via Macmillan Publishing.

In your book, Forgotten Girl, you wrote about the surreal experience of going to bed a 32 year old and waking up believing you were a teenager. Were there any gnawing symptoms prior to when you fell asleep and woke up believing you were 15?

My family and friends thought I had Transient Global Amnesia initially, but I later found out from doctors that I actually had Dissociative Amnesia. It’s a form of psychogenic retrograde amnesia brought on by severe stress and is very rare. Yes, there were symptoms beforehand. In the year leading up to the amnesia I had suffered a nervous breakdown when I lost my business and ended up homeless and bankrupt…

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