Oakfield Launches With 5-Star Reviews

An epic read!

David J Rodger ¦ Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy

This is my most important book to date

Oakfield new near-future horror novel by David J Rodger one of his best sci fi books with Cthulhu Mythos Click to learn more…

Oakfield is my 9th novel and took 25 years to write. This book is important. Probably the most important book I have produced to date.  Because it represents the first in the series. Because it is my beginning, as an author, and in some way it represents an end (of this phase).

It has launched with a bunch of excellent 5-star reviews from early-readers. Here’s a sample:

Oakfield by David J Rodger is an amazing and engrossing read. Annabella Spaulding, her husband and her two brothers travel to Cornwall with a business partner/accountant friend to appraise and possibly sell their deceased grandfather’s house, which Annabella has unexpectedly inherited. The house is in an isolated position and holds a locked basement room which holds a monstrous secret – something…

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