New Release -Dazzled by Darkness by Erica Miles

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today I have a new book for you Dazzled by Darkness – A Story of Art and Desire, by fellow author Erica Miles.


What happens when a book-smart Jewish girl who haunts museums falls for a street-smart Latino guy who creates radical, in-your-face artwork?

Though she obsessively adores him, and he loves her back in some way, she never guesses his dream—to one day top the contemporary art scene.

Meet a pair of rebels caught up in the revolutionary love quests of the ’60s.

Sara, 25 and unattached, feels like an alien in her own culture. She’s attracted to men who are “other.” She connects with 19-year-old Gavilán, a black Hispanic art student, and suddenly considers herself desirable.

Gavilán is attracted to whatever’s offbeat and unthinkable. Picking up an oddball white woman is one item on his agenda. His imagined interactions with famous dead artists open doors…

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