Memory House


By Bette Lee Crosby

Memory HouseThe Memory House Bed and Breakfast is where memories are kept, or so it seems to Ophelia who owns Memory House.  When Anne arrives, Ophelia knows Anne has the same magical power of recalling memories from their objects, only Anne doesn’t know it yet.

Ophelia Browne remembers everything. She remembers things from her own life and from the lives of those who came before her. She has only to touch her hand to an object and she can feel the special memory clinging to it. But now she is getting on in years. In eleven months she’ll turn ninety. Few women in the Browne family live beyond such an age. If death comes before she finds a replacement, the memories might be lost forever.  –  MEMORY HOUSE

This engaging tale begins when Anne leaves Philadelphia to escape the pain of her breakup and move beyond it. …

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