Let’s Read The Fifth Sorceress ch. 0-1

Doing In The Wizard


Welcome to our next Let’s Read!

After a brief foray into American spies and sophisticated Europeans we’re back to our old stomping ground of brick-size fantasy novels. In the comments at the end of the Hostile Intent series several people mentioned Robert Newcomb’s The Fifth Sorceress as a good candidate, so I took a peek at the Amazon preview and saw that it begins with a prologue set 327 years before the main story and prefaced with the following quote:

…and a great war shall come to pass, in which many shall die before the easing of its flames. The dark side of the conflict, those of the Pentangle, shall come to defeat before finding their Fifth, and only after the discovery of the Stone and the Tome by their enemies. The banishment of those of the Pentangle shall occur upon the sea from which few have returned….

Page 2,037…

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